Go Industrial

2016 - Everyone (Employed)


Front-end development, back-end development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySql, SEO


Project Description

Go Industrial website is designed to advertise all of the Industrial museums in Scotland.

There were a lot of repeated layouts through-out this site, so it was important to setup css layouts that could be used multiple times, then added to if the layout was slightly different. I used Susy CSS framework with custom media queries to control the layout on mobiles and tablets.

The design for this site relied heavily on images and large blocks of colour in a specific pattern. I ran image resizing on the images to make sure they were the corrent size for the designed layout.

Go Industrial example

The biggest challenge on this site was the different routes the user could take to a page and how to code the URL and Content so the site was not penalised in search engines for having duplicate content.

My favorite page on this site is the collection page. When you are viewing an individual collection item, the image will always occupy 80% of the screen, with the description not in view until you scroll. The next and previous collection items are not visable until your mouse enters either side of the image. It was really good fun working out the CSS & JavaScript for this page.

Go Industrial example 2
Go Industrial example 3
Go Industrial example 4